Friday, May 13, 2011


Loli walked walked into the diner, as a man and a woman briskly hurried throughout the door past her. Loli recognized the man. He lived on her floor, number 541. The man's chest was covered with toast crumbs, and he had a small piece of egg on his chin. He intently followed the woman outside to who knows where. 

She smiled and shook her head as she headed for a free booth. As she waited for someone to take her order she looked around the room. A woman sat at a booth by herself, intently focusing on her menu as a scrappy looking man rapped on the window next to her. 

Behind the counter, Loli could see the cooks scrambling eggs and frying almost anything you could imagine. Finally a waitress came waddling to Loli's table to take her order. 

"Whatcha have?"
Loli hadn't looked at the menu, but she didn't need too. 
"A bowl of Frosted Flakes and a glass of orange juice please"
The waitress scribble something on her pad. "That's all?" Loli nodded in response. The waitress waddled behind the counter opening the fridge filled with glasses to keep them chilled. She took one out and poured it full of orange juice, waddled back and sat the glass down on Loli's table. 
"I'll be right back with your cereal she said. 

Loli took a sip of the juice. It was scrumptious. Sweetly acidic. She put it back across from her, wanting to save the rest for her meal. The waitress, who's name tag she saw read Wanda, waddled back towards her, a bowl in hand and small pitcher in hand with milk sloshing out ever step she took. She sat the bowl and pitcher on the table in front of the orange juice.

Loli thanked her and picked up the pitcher to pour the milk over her flakes. Just a bit of milk: Not to much or the cereal would get too soggy too fast. Not too little or the cereal would remain unbearably crunchy. She poured just enough that the milk coated the top layer of the cereal and seeped through to the bottom of the bowl. 

She took a healthy spoonful and stuffed it in her mouth. The milk to flake ratio was exactly as she liked it. The sweetness of the flakes was subdued by the milk. 

She heard a man behind her talk about how fucking good his meal was, well, she thought, if only he could eat this.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Loli awoke that morning to the sight of snow falling out of the window of apartment 521.  She immediately hopped out of bed heading toward the window. Much to her dismay, the snow began to stop falling. It had left the ugliest traces behind mushing with dirt and dust.

Loli continued to gaze out the window. She saw a woman that she'd never seen before in her life come out of Watershed Heights.  The woman was wearing a very strange necklace and took very meticulous steps across the street. The woman looked around. As soon as she found what she was looking for she ran inside.

Shaking her head, Loli walked away from the window, at least that woman had purpose. Lately Loli felt that she wasn't doing much of anything at all for any reason. She got dressed, toasted a bagel, then headed out the door bagel in hand towards purpose.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Loli gazed out of the diner window in a daze not noticing the torrential down pour outside.  The waitress came and sat a bacon egg and cheese sandwich, hot off the griddle, right in front of her. Loli didn't notice.
The door opened and a young woman, barely seventeen walked in the diner with a crying baby girl in her arms. The seventeen year old loudly asked the waitress a high-chair over her crying child. Then sat down in the comfy red booth directly behind Loli. The high-chair came and the young woman ordered a basket of fries for herself and a side of macaroni and cheese for her daughter.
Loli, still in a daze, took a bite out of her sandwich.
The waitress headed toward the young woman and her child with their food and hand and sat it down in front of them. The crying baby grabbed a spoon and dug in. The diner was silent.
Loli shook out of her daze, hearing the laughter of a child behind her. She turned around to see a baby girl attempting to put an empty bowl on as a hat. Loli laughed turning the baby's mother.
"You've the most beautiful daughter," she said.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Loli woke to the sound of a cawing bird outside of her window. She staggered out of bed over to the window to peak outside through the blinds. There was a elderly woman talking a stroll outside of the building, hovering above her was a black crow.

Now that Loli was awake she decided that more would come of her getting out of bed, than going back into it. She began with taking a shower.

When she was finished she realized she had nothing else to do, her stomach disagreed with a grumble. It was time to eat. She looked through her cabinets at the food she'd brought in the previous night, none of it appealed to her at the moment. Plus she'd like to think that she was saving it all for a special occasion.

She decided that she'd rather go out then be stuck inside for the rest of the day. So she dressed herself for a trip outside, a short walk to the 28-hour Diner.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

(Paper bags, never plastic)

Loli Graciela Colga attempted to open the doors of the Watershed Heights apartment complex holding a bag full of groceries in each arm (Paper bags, never plastic). After countless attempts she surrendered, shifting the bag in her right hand to her left and jerked the door open.

Loli blazed through the room, that could barely be called a lobby with it's white linoleum floors stained with footprints of every one that ever lived in the complex. She opened the door and began her quick ascent up the stairs.  Today, neither one of the two elevators in the building was working.

After climbing eight flights, Loli pushed open a door and continued down the hall until she arrived at 521. It was then that she finally put her bags down to dig the key out of her pocket.

Once inside, she sat the bags down on the counter and began to put everything in its place. The bread in the bread box, the vegetables and meats in their respectable drawers in the refrigerator , and the cookies in the cookie jar. She ended her task with folding her two paper bags and placing them in the recycling bin by her door.

The bathroom was her next stop. She quickly showered, then brushed her teeth. While brushing her mind, she looked in the mirror thought of all of the things she would need to do that day, after she woke up, for it was now four o' clock in the morning. She'd finished tending at The Bar around one, or one thirty, and then made a stop at the grocery store before coming home.

In the mirrior she could see her blond hair, green eyes and fair skin that suggested a different lineage than that of her name, Loli Graciela Colga.

Upon finishing her bathroom routine, she dressed for bed, though the faint light of morning was beginning to stream though her window. She walked across her bed room and harshly jerked the blinds close, before laying down to fall asleep.